This was not the first competition for these schools. Most had participated in play days and games for quite a few years. Prior to league competition, emphasis was placed on the social aspect of sport. The refreshments and social hour after the game were as important or more important than the game. Rivalries were friendly and the game scores incidental.

In the first years schools were represented at league meetings by interested teachers and often students were delegated to attend. At first, some educators resisted the formation of a structured league. As new people entered the schools and assumed responsibility for sports programs changes occurred in the league.

Structure was added to the league, rules and policies were made to meet the needs of the emerging girl athlete. Regular meetings were held and slowly the emphasis shifted from cookies and punch to skill development and highly contested games. League championships were held and many regular season games were well attended.

With the onset of State sponsored tournaments for girls in 1975-76 it became obvious that the league was one of the strongest in the city and state. In the first state volleyball tournament Seton was AAA Runner Up and Ursuline AA Champions. Since then the league has usually been represented in State Tournaments in most sports.

The publicity and excellent play the League has fostered has meant opportunities for member students to receive athletic scholarships. College coaches look to this League for skilled athletics and Christian sportswomen to complement their programs.

As years go by additional sports have become League sports. All-League athletes are honored each year in all League sports. Each year the League takes on new challenges to improve girls' sports.

All Sports Trophy Prior to 2007-08


2005-06 Scarlet: St. Ursula, Grey: Alter

2004-05 Scarlet: Mercy/St. Ursula, Grey: Alter

2003-04 Scarlet: Ursuline, Grey: Alter

2002-03 Scarlet: St. Ursula, Grey: Alter

2001-02 Scarlet: Ursuline, Grey: Alter

2000-01 Scarlet: Mt. Notre Dame, Grey: Badin

1999-00 Scarlet: St. Ursula/Ursuline Grey: McNicholas NOTE: St. Ursula moved to the Scarlet division

1998-99 Scarlet: Ursuline, Grey: St. Ursula

1997-98 Scarlet: Ursuline, Grey: St. Ursula

1996-97 Scarlet: Ursuline, Grey: St. Ursula

1995-96 Scarlet: Ursuline Grey: St. Ursula

1994-95 Scarlet: Ursuline Grey: Alter

1993-94 Scarlet: Ursuline Grey: St. Ursula

1992-93 Scarlet: McAuley Grey: St. Ursula

1991-92 Ursuline

1990-91 Ursuline

1989-90 Mercy

1988-89 Mercy

1987-88 McAuley/Mercy

1986-87 McAuley

1985-86 McAuley

1984-85 Seton

1983-84 Mercy

1982-83 McAuley

1981-82 McAuley

1980-81 Seton

1979-80 Seton

1978-79 Mercy

Chronological League History

1966-68 Loosely structured beginnings

1969-70 League championships in Volleyball and Basketball; 12 League members; Academy of Sacred Heart, Marian, Mercy, McAuley, Mt. Notre Dame, Our Lady of Angels, Regina, St. Rita, Seton, St. Ursula, Summit, and Ursuline.

1970-71 Sacred Heart drops out of the League

1972-73 First League Track meet; McNicholas joins League

1974-75 Tennis and Softball become League sports

1975-76 State championships held for girls in Volleyball and Basketball - Seton finishes AAA Runner-Up and Ursuline finishes AA Champions

1976-77 All-League Awards presented to Basketball and Volleyball athletes; Judiciary Board formed to settle disputes

1977-78 Summit drops out of the League; Regina closes

1978-79 Soccer becomes a League sport; traveling trophies presented to League champions - donated by businesses; first Basketball preview; All-Sports Trophy first awarded to Mercy; first awards reception at Marian

1979-80 All-League Awards presented in all sports; first Scholar-Athlete Award presented

1979-80 GGCL Consist of Marian (Roadrunners), McAuley (Mohawks), McNicholas (Rockets), Mercy (Bobcats), Mt. Notre Dame (Mountaineers), Our Lady of Angels (Angels), Seton (Saints), St. Ursula (Bulldogs), Ursuline (Hornets)*** Mt. Notre Dame will later become the Cougars and Ursuline will later become the Lions.

1999 Alter High School became a member of the GGCL.

2000-01 St. Ursula moved to the Scarlet Division of the GGCL.

2006-07 Carroll, Chaminade-Julienne, & Fenwick High Schools became members of the GGCL.

GGCL Past Chairpersons

1966-68 Unknown

1968-69 Sr. Linda Olinger - St. Ursula

1969-70 Sr. Barbara Mary - St. Rita

1970-71 Maureen Kovich - Regina

1971-72 Terry Franck - Seton

1972-73 Maureen Kovich - Regina

1973-74 Linda Goldbach - St. Ursula

1974-75 Linda Goldbach - St. Ursula

1975-76 Mary Jo Huismann - Mercy

1976-77 Sr. Judy Keehnen - McNicholas

1977-78 Mary Biermann - Seton

1978-79 Carolyn Condit - Our Lady of Angels

1979-80 Rose Koch - Mercy

1980-81 Mary Jo Huismann - Mercy

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